The Priority of Worship

An ongoing conversation…

The Priority of Worship is a book.  But, it’s not just a book to read and put on the shelf with all the other books you’ve read (or almost read.) I trust that worship is something that is part of your life and lifestyle. Worship, for you, may be just something you do on Sundays, at church.  If you do, that’s good. But, God, our Father and King is worthy of so much more.  He is still your Father and King on Monday and every other day.  Am I right?

The Priority of Worship is indeed a book, that is meant to teach you to extend and expand and enjoy your worship. To make worship a priority. It is written in a way that will enable you to worship God more and worship Him better than before.  Whether you are a new believer, or a seasoned saint, you can always worship Him more and better.  I really believe that if we could just sit down and have a conversation about how and when we worship, then we could both be encouraged and edified about worship. We could learn from one another and in the process, please our Father. Please Read the rest

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome. My name is Greg Dixon, author of The Priority of Worship. I’m so happy to have you visit my blog. This project is special to me, and I hope to share my excitement with you here.

I’ll use this blog to interact with you about The Priority of Worship, expanding on some of its topics and blogging on ideas related to my book. This blog is a great place for you to get to know me; I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too. Read the rest